The Best Comic Book Reading Apps for Android Devices

Comic book stores are disappearing all over the world, but the number of comic books and demand for them is still growing. All due to comic book apps that let you subscribe to your favorite comic book publishers and read as many issues as you want without the need to go anywhere or wait for the delivery of new books. If you’re not an avid collector of classic paper editions and you want to read comic books on the go without the need to hold them with both hands. 

1. Madefire

Madefire provides an extensive catalog of classic and new comic books along with impressive animated motion books. This app also supports the brand new 360-degree viewing and various sound effects. These features turn reading of particular releases into a real adventure. 

In addition to niche titles, the platform offers a wide range of licensed mainstream comics, such as Superman, Transformers, Batman, My Little Pony, Star Trek, and many more franchises. 

All the releases are updated weekly or on the day when new issues are ready. You can either read them online or download them to have an opportunity to continue reading without an Internet connection. If you enjoy some of them so much that you can’t live without a physical copy, you can make an order directly in the app.

2. Marvel Unlimited

Marvel Unlimited offers you access to the entire library of Marvel’s classics and new titles for a $10 monthly subscription fee. However, you can try the app for free during the first week to see if you need it or not. The selection includes over 27,000 of digitalized copies of Marvel’s comics published over the long history of the brand. Here you will find all the chapters of Hulk, Star Wars, The Guardians of the Galaxy, Wolverine. Avengers, Spider-Man, and of all other characters who belong to the Marvel universe. 

If you are an avid fan, get the Annual Plus subscription, and you will receive an exclusive limited merchandise pack by the end of each year, you use the app. 

3. Comics by ComiXology

Similarly to Madefire, Amazon’s ComiXology offer a large variety of releases by dozens of mainstream and niche publishers. It combines superheroic comics by Marvel and DC as well as dozens of free comics by various creators. What makes this app unique is a huge addon with graphical novels, and licensed manga books translated into English.

The initial platform is free. You can register to access the library and choose free or paid issues without the need to renew your subscription every month. New titles and chapters are added weekly, so you won’t have a shortage of content. If you are a power reader and it seems expensive to buy every paid title one by one, you will enjoy the ComiXology Unlimited subscription that provides unlimited access to the entire content base. 

4. Comic Screen

Comic Screen is a book reader app with a built-in RAR/ZIP archiver. Independently from the format, all files load very fast in both one and two-page modes. 

While reading, you can scale and crop images to make them more readable. As a payment for the entirely free service, you will have to deal with ads. However, they’re not too big and don’t cover content. The interface quality is rather mediocre compared to Madefire and other paid apps, but it’s a more flexible solution due to an open file system. As a result, you can utilize the app to upload scanned copies of your favorite classic issues.

5. Perfect Viewer

Perfect Viewer is another Android-exclusive application that’s designed for viewing a large variety of file formats, including all existing types of comic books (except those fancy 360 and motion books unless they’re GIFs).

The number of settings and custom features for reading is impressive, but it may be quite difficult to understand the purpose of each button if you’re not an Android power user. Once you do that, the book will appear on the shelf automatically. 

Enjoy Your Collection

Now you know a way how to save a lot of money, as digital subscriptions are always cheaper than classic paper issues. Your comic books will never get old and lost anymore too! 

Which comic book app is your favorite? Explain your choice in the comments and don’t be secretive if you know any other worthy Android apps for comic books. Tell us about them too! Your friends may also get interested, so you can also share this article with them.