Which of the Three Nintendo Switch Consoles is the Best?

They say that Nintendo Switch is the only thing you need to get the best playing experience. It supports digital and physical games which are available freely in any region on any console. Since its first launch in 2017, it has been very popular because of its superior graphics quality, smooth running, rich functionality, and simple transition from game to a home console. It combines playing games on-the-go and at home and suggests tons of accessories. So, if you like Nintendo’s games available only for this device, we very well recommend you buying it.

But, if yesterday it was a simple deal because we have only had one model to choose from, things change with Switch Lite release. Let’s discuss which one is better, and why. Besides, the developer promises an upgrade of the old console coming on the market. Thus, we’ll have to select among the three of them. There are such criteria to consider as extended battery life, functionality, portability, price, and simplicity of use.

The original Switch

We are going to remind you of the details about this console. It is not extremely lightweight but seems rather convenient with its weight equal to about .66 lbs. The device is equipped with a multi-touch 6.2-inch LCD screen and suggests 32 GB of internal storage. This is the whole storage space, part of which is reserved for the system’s elements. In order to expand it, you can buy and apply cards.

There are several modes, including TV one. You can find here video and audio outputs, quality stereo speakers, and a USB connector. The device runs better with gyroscope, accelerometer, and brightness sensor. In a package, there are also headphones. Add a slot for game cartridges, a volume rocker, and a power button. Its battery life depends on the games you play, but on average it lasts from 4,5 to 9 hours. Be ready to charge a console for three hours.

Nintendo Switch runs in several modes. When you play in a console mode, you will be able to connect to your TV using a dock. Be sure that a docking process is very smooth. You will get a stunning viewing experience transferring the game from a device to television. It is even possible to use with multiple tv sets in the house if you buy a few extra docks.

There is a tabletop mode that allows you to play as far as the screen can be detached and arranged on a horizontal surface. You can install it using a kickstand which you will find on the back of the device. This mode is perfect for two-player gaming, especially when you are on a train journey with a tray table. The kickstand is rubberized and prevents sliding of the device. But still, at home, you’d better choose some other way to play.

You are suggested to set up the console. The process is rather simple. If it is used as a handheld, you should arrange the Joy-Cons, attaching them to the device, and press the power button to start. If you choose to play on TV, plug the docks into your TVset using HDMI.

Updated Switch

If you want the device with the longest battery life, you should turn your attention to a new original version which is coming in September 2019. At least, it was announced to be released at that time. We speak about the maximum time equal to 9 hours! Just imagine! The old Switch can offer only up to 6.5 hours, and that seemed like lots yesterday.

As for design, we should admit that the new Switch is very similar to its previous version. If you want to be sure to buy exactly what you want, mind that the coming updated one is expected to be arranged in red boxes. As to other features and improvements in addition to extra battery life promise, there are some essential ones.

First, you can conveniently settle it on a table. The controllers are vibrating, providing perfect feedback that enhances your engagement in the gaming. You can as well remove them to get a portable console for two players. The device can adjust brightness automatically thanks to the correspondent sensors. Thus, you do not have to perform this task manually.

This updated version is focused on hardware improvements, and that costs money, of course. But we expect it to be almost of the same price as the original one. You will also meet the same dimensions and weight. But here the more power-efficient processor will be used. The cooling system is also promised to be improved.

As you see, there are reasons to wait for New Switch, but if the above features are not vital for you, buy the original one and enjoy its high quality. By the way, to solve the battery issue, when you are going for a long trip, just purchase an external battery pack.

What is Switch Lite in details?

The brief idea of this version is a convenient budget device. The Switch Lite is compact and can be carried without many efforts. It is lighter compared to the original Switch weighing about .61 lbs. If you leave for a vacation, for instance, you can take it with you. The other side of the coin is that its capacitive touch LCD screen is smaller as well, being 5.5 inches only, and that is not an advantage. This console will be available in three colors: gray, yellow, and turquoise.

It will cost less compared to the old Switch, and that means you are able to save about $ 100 – a substantial saving, isn’t it? But you should be ready to make a shift with a handheld mode only without connection to a TV. Also, forget about detachable controllers and docks in the package which are available within the origin.

Here the storage is 32 GB, which can you can increase with cards bought separately. You will get stereo speakers, USB connector intended for charging only. There are only two sensors: accelerometer and gyroscope. Its battery life varies from 3.0 to 7.0 hours according to the complicity of a game you are playing. Charging time is 3 hours.

Sharing games

Remember that the package of games for the above consoles will still be different. For instance, within New Switch you are suggested to play folding cardboard games which are not available within the Switch Lite mostly. And here we would like to speak about the Nintendo initiative to arrange game sharing between all Switch models. Until now such transfer is not so simple, but improvements are declared.

Summarizing up

So, if you still do not have any video console, and the devices produced by Nintendo attract your attention, we suggest you determine your priorities. What do you expect of the device? Is long battery life important for you? Or would you like to have a compact console to take it with you any place you go? Does the price matter too much? And do you prefer to save a hundred dollars refusing some particular features but still enjoying the high quality of operation and tons of benefits provided by this developer? The answers to all these questions will help you to decide on your choice, and the information we have offered above will be a nice background for your decision.

Mind that any above version is considered to be a hybrid one to be used as a portable and stationary device. You will be offered wireless Joy-Con controllers with standard buttons and sticks. There are also Grip accessories. The software allows connecting to the Internet when playing online or to use a local wireless network to connect several Switch consoles.
Well, we have tried to cover the topic of this article to the fullest extent, and we hope it is helpful enough. Please, let us know if it really is by leaving your comments here. Also, share our content with your friends if you suppose it is worthy.