Backup Your Data on Android Phone Properly

This guidance is not only for Android smartphones but for all devices that run on the platform. Nowadays, it is required to back up all your devices. In another case, you can lose all the data you keep there. And there will be no contacts that we need, no documents we worked so hard on, photos from travels, unpublished novels… we can go on and on. But the point is taken. You need to make sure that all your data is saved.

Alas, there is no single tap on Android that does all the work for you. You don’t have a backup button either. So, it is better to learn beforehand how to back up all your info properly, before it is too late.
Google Drive Back up Plan for Settings

All you actually need is to go to “Settings”, open “System” and tap “Backup”. There is an option of backing to Google Drive. Enable this option and tap the button “Back Up Now”. You will see the categories below that reveal contacts and settings, your call history, and so on. If you have Pixel, you can back up your SMS, videos, and photos.

Now open Google Drive and choose backups. There will be information on devices that are linked to the account. You are able to check here what was backed up and what is still not. If you don’t need one of the backups, just delete it. Once you open a new device, just sign in to your Google account and restore the data. By the way, this way you can also bring back your favorite apps.

How to Back up Photos

Photos are one of the most important things that you keep on your device. They are memories, and therefore, apparently priceless for many of us. You need to make sure you will not lose them. The best way to save them is Google Photos. Photo storage is unlimited and free. It keeps the original quality of materials. Open the Google Photos app via your account in Google. Tap “Settings” and choose “Back Up and Sync”. Now enable this option. Now you can return to the folders of the device. The program backs up pictures from social media as well. After the process is over, you can clean up your device by deleting the images.

How to Back up Your Contacts

If you still don’t know this rule, it is better to memorize it: always back up your contacts in Google Account. You can lose them all in no time. We buy new phones once in three or five years on average, sometimes even more often. They are fragile devices. If something happens to it or if you change it to a new one, you may need a backup plan. So, sign in your account on Google and go to “Contacts”.  Open the “New contacts save to” option and press it. Your contacts will be saved in Google Account. Now open “Settings”, choose a SIM card and import the data to your account on Google. Open the Menu and tap “Export”.

Export the file with .vcf extension.

Do You Really Need to Backup Your Data?

If you want to keep using your documents, your contact list, watch old photos, and videos, you have to keep the backup version of them somewhere else, in Google Storage, for example. In case you change or lose the device, you will be able to restore everything. Do you back up your information? What is your favorite storage? Express your thoughts in the comments below.