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Facebook Lite
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Facebook Lite review

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Molly Johnson

Facebook Lite review

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Facebook Lite can deal with a low and unstable Internet connection so that you can get by away from 3G and LTE networks. Besides, it provides perfect performance even on very old devices. Facebook Lite is available exclusively for Android devices for free on Google Play Store.

Features – 8/10

It’s important to understand that the Facebook Lite app was developed to provide you with the most basic functionary of the original Facebook app with lower system requirements. The app was developed only for Android as it’s the most popular operating system in Asia, where 3G coverage is very low outside cities. The app includes all must-have features, including messaging, news feed, list of friends, notifications, global search, Facebook Marketplace, and stories. 

Ease of Use – 10/10

Facebook Lite is very simple to use due to lightning-fast downloading and installation, and a light logical interface. It lets you view images, watch videos, and listen to voice messages even if the Internet connection is very low. At the same time, it compresses all files to reduce traffic consumption. As a result, you save battery life and money to communicate more during the day. My overall impression of using the app is very positive. It’s a perfect minimalistic substitute for the bulky 120MB+ original app. 

Design – 8/10

The interface of Facebook Lite is quite similar to the original app, but it features fewer graphical elements and no animation. It provides a flawless user experience. The only disadvantage is the absence of the dark mode. I hope Facebook will add it to the next versions. It will make Facebook Lite a bit more energy-efficient and convenient to use at night. 

Pricing – 10/10

Facebook Lite is available for free for all Android devices. You can use the entire list of features without the need to pay for services. In addition, this app can really reduce daily Internet costs. Similarly to the original app, you can use Facebook Marketplace to buy and sell various goods. The platform doesn’t charge commissions for transactions. It supports Pay Pal and some popular local payment systems. 


I recommend every Android user to install Facebook Lite to have an ability to access Facebook account in areas with low signal. It’s a great opportunity to upload and view more photos and stories, send 2 times more messages, and enjoy chatting without the need to charge.

Interface 8

Features 8

Usability 10

Compatibility 10

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