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Free Ringtones for Android™ review

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Patricia Curtis

Free Ringtones for Android™ review

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Your mobile ringtone tells people more about you than you can imagine – specialists say it can reveal anything from your current mood to your educational background. Do not let your smartphone sound reflect poorly on you, take some time to find the one tune that will show everyone how cool and fun you are. With so many great ringtone apps out there that give your Android smartphone a custom sound, you cannot settle for anything but the very best. Visit Google Play and download Free Ringtones Downloader – Trend Phone Ringtones at no charge to make sure that your smartphone buzz never seems boring or too threadbare.

Interface 4/5

The app is designed to behave very friendly towards its users and make their hunting for a perfect sound as smooth and stress-free as possible. You do not need to be a tech geek to find your way with the app – everything here feels intuitive and straightforward. The color palette used in the design of this Android application might want some more vivid colors but, other than that, it is very attractive and cheerful.

Key Features 4/5

The app offers free and easy access to an immense library of ringtones that feature top-hits, humorous sound effects, short clips from well-known movies and TV series, hilarious sounds, Christian ringtones, baby ringtones, Bollywood sounds, popular remixes, and whatever else you might expect to find in an app like this. All are available for free and can be downloaded and installed in a few seconds.

Browse the extensive library for most popular ringtones, preview the ones you liked, download and install those right away or tag them as your favorites and come back later when you are ready to make your final decision.

Do not miss out on an opportunity to share the best tones with your friends from inside the app. 

Usability 4/5

Once you have downloaded and opened the app, you get instant access to the most trending ringtones of today. Quickly find what you need with the help of search filters that can sort out the available tunes and tones by their genre, tag, date, and popularity.

The Bottom Line

There is no better or handier app to quickly customize the ringtone of your Android device and add some fun and singularity to your notifications and alarm. With so many great tones to choose from, picking the right one is easy. Download Free Ringtones Downloader – Trend Phone Ringtones and give your phone a brand-new sound!


  • The software is distributed for free, with ads being part of the bargain
  • A massive library of over 25,000 ringtones for every occasion, mood, and taste
  • New ringtones, notification sounds, and 3D sound effects are added daily
  • No registration or login is needed


  • The design of the app feels a little outdated, and the color scheme often fails to impress
  • No editing tools for creating your custom sounds
  • The ads are frequent and annoying

Interface 4

Features 4

Usability 4

Compatibility 4

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