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Magnifying Glass review

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Molly Johnson

Magnifying Glass review

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Magnifying Glass is an app, which can be very useful for those who have issues with eyesight but want to avoid missing out on important information written in the fine print. Thanks to this tool, you may be less dependent on carrying your reading glasses with you all the time or asking someone to read tiny words for you.

Interface 4/4

The design of the app slightly resembles the screen that appears when you want to take a photo or shoot a video. The app requires permission for access to the camera but that’s necessary only for magnification of the things so you shouldn’t have any concerns with regards to privacy. The number of control buttons is minimal and if you want more functions, there is a menu where you can choose how the magnified image should be manipulated.

Key Features 4/4

With this app, you’ll be able to easily turn your phone into the magnifying glass. It works in such a way that it must use the phone’s camera in order to magnify the text or picture. The tool is simple but functional and it can help you do the following:

  • Read the tiny text on newspapers, business cards, restaurant menus, food products, prescriptions, and medications;
  • Check serial numbers written on the back of such devices like WiFi routers, TVs, washing machines, DVDs, refrigerators, etc;
  • Replace bulbs at night in times of emergency;
  • Find items in the purse.

Magnifying Glass app can be used as a microscope in those cases when you need to study more fine and tiny images. If you want to fix something with small joints or miniature components, the magnifier will also be handy.

The app features a zoom, which ranges from 1x to 10x. There is an option of freezing so that you could view magnified photos in more detail and study them for a longer period of time. The results can be saved in the phone as a picture so that later you could browse photos, share, or delete them. There is a variety of filter effects that are supposed to protect your eyes. The brightness of the screen is adjustable, which brings additional comfort to the eyes without causing damage to them. Besides, you can amend all the configurations of the magnifier to meet your needs in the settings section. One of the most valuable features must be the flashlight, which makes the app a more functional and irreplaceable tool that can truly help anyone read clearly and easily anytime and anywhere.

Usability 4/4

The design of Magnifying Glass is simple and the app can be used by visually impaired, elderly people, or kids who would like to discover something new. Even though the app offers a lot of essential functions, there are just a few buttons so no matter what your age is, you’ll be able to easily operate the app without any training.

Bottom Line

We found the Magnifying Glass App to be very useful for anyone who has issues with eyesight. Even though there are many other similar apps available on the market, we can say that this product is one of the best due to its high functionality and a number of additional features.

Interface 4

Features 4

Usability 4

Compatibility 4

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