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SmartThings review

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Molly Johnson

SmartThings review

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It seems that Samsung wants to compete with Google because its bundle of proprietary apps gets bigger every year, and I actually like some of the apps very much. SmartThings smart home controller is one of them. This app is designed to let you control several smart home gadgets using a sleek interface with quick access features. 

Features – 9/10

Similarly to Google Home, SmartThings allows you to connect to all your smart home appliances from anywhere in the world. For that purpose, you have o connect each of them to your home WiFi network and link with the app. Besides, you can connect via GPS to automate particular actions. It lets you adjust and control all devices together or separately. Available settings may differ depending on a device, while general adjustments include automation patterns, activity hours, and some other. 

Ease of Use – 9/10

Perhaps, the hardest stage of using SmartThings is to connect all devices to the app. Fortunately, most manufacturers place QR codes on boxes or bodies of their smart products. The SmartThings app has a built-in QR-code scanner that lets you copy instant settings to link the app with the device without problems. Make sure that you provide all the necessary and unnecessary permissions so that the app could let you access all the features. 

You can control the app using the user interface, or the integrated voice assistant that can recognize all the available commands, except for the settings. On Samsung devices, you can activate the assistant when your smartphone is locked, while devices by some other brands may not allow you to do this.

Design – 10/10

Over the last 5 years, Samsung has redesigned the entire user interface of its proprietary version of Android. Now it looks stylish enough to compete with Xiaomi and even Apple. All the frequently used functions are always available on the automatically updated home screen, while the rest are hidden in the drawer menu on the left. You can change the wallpaper of the home screen if it doesn’t match your style. The feature list is also adjustable. You can create scenes that include several adjustments for different devices to match rooms to your mood in a single tap. In addition, all devices can be divided by rooms for quicker navigation. 

Pricing – 10/10

Independently from the device, you are using, all the features of Samsung’s SmartThings are available for free. The app isn’t supported by ads as well, so that you don’t have to spend money to remove them. Prices and compatibility of smart home gadgets may differ depending on your region.


SmartThings is an excellent alternative for Google’s Home app. It provides the same level of accessibility through a more convenient and stylish interface. However, I recommend you to check the latest list or compatible devices before switching from Google Home to SmartThings, as it may differ. 


  • Convenient home screen with adjustable applets
  • Voice controls
  • Integrated QR scanner
  • All the needed adjustments are provided


  • Impossible to unlock with voice on some devices
  • It doesn’t work without optional permissions

Interface 10

Features 9

Usability 9

Compatibility 10

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