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YouTube Music - Stream Songs & Music Videos review

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Patricia Curtis

YouTube Music - Stream Songs & Music Videos review

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Haven’t you ever used YouTube just as a musical player, completely ignoring the screen and concentrating on the music? If you have (like me, and I still do), YouTube Music is your version of it. It brings you all the music that YouTube has, that is, more than you can listen to in your whole life.

Features (4/5)

At the start, YouTube Music looks like main YouTube app, with its contents reduced and the service concentrating only on music. The rest is similar. The videos to stream are organized like in the main one: the one you’re watching or listening to now is on top, the queue is displayed next to it. If you wish, you can make it full screen. On the contrary, if you need to reduce your data transfer (and spare your data plan if necessary), you can switch to Audio Only mode, so video isn’t streamed at all.

The app shows ads before the videos, just like regular YouTube app or webpage. When it ends, it starts the next one immediately. The playlist can be personalized.

All of your settings and bookmarks are stored in your Google account; so when you launch YouTube on your PC or Smart TV, you’ll access your history and bookmarks just as easily.

What about caching? It requires paid subscription too; without it you can only watch the videos with your screen on. Personalized playlists are for paid subscribers too, and if you’re not too concerned, Google’s taste is quite the one to trust.

Ease of Use (4/5)

The app mirrors most function of the generic YouTube, but it has something to ease its using for music. As you launch the app, it displays the most recent musical releases published on YouTube, and you can easily access your bookmarked videos.

It’s great to let the music play with the screen off, but it’s only possible with a paid subscription. In fact, the subscription grants you access to inexhaustible musical library, so it may be even a better option than purchasing your favorites song by song.

Design (5/5)

It’s a YouTube app, and it shows. The app is organized almost the same way as the basic YouTube app. There are three sections: Home (showing the most recent updates and personally recommended artists and playlist), Hotlist (new and popular videos and playlists), and Library.


In fact, without paid subscription the app makes no sense: the core YouTube app is just as good for watching musical videos in regular mode. Subscription goes either with Google Music ($9.99/mo) or with YouTube Premium ($11.99/mo). As a music fan, I opted for the first. It better integrates with my Android phone and offers more of personalization when it comes to playlists.


YouTube Music is a great option when you’re on Google services mainly. You can form your playlists and favorite selections on your phone and then play them on your Smart TV (that’s how I do it at home parties). 



  • Musical content prepared and sorted
  • Curated playlists
  • Audio only mode
  • Lots of rare records
  • Affordable subscription with other services


  • Makes no sense without subscription
  • Requires a separate app

Interface 5

Features 4

Usability 4

Compatibility 4

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